Memorial Rock Urn
Containers, and Urns available
The Memorial Rock Urn is an attractive, weatherproof container made of a
resin composite for display in your yard of garden to commemorate your
pet's life.  Your pet's remains will be placed inside the urn and sealed
with a screw plug.  Included is an engraved tag with your pets name
and dates.
Polished White Box
The Polished White Box is a sturdy cardboard gift box,
Convenient for burial, and available in for animals of all
Sizes.  This container is included in the basic price of
cremation and comes standard if no other container
is chosen.
Copper Odyssey Urn
The Copper Odyssey Urn is handcrafted in brass and
electroplated in a beautiful copper finish.  The Urn is accented with
a paw print and is available in two sizes to accommodate most
small to mid-sized pets up to 60 lbs.  Names and dates are hand
painted in black on lids edge. The lid is a twist on.
Cherry Box
The Cherry Box has a beautiful finish for a unique, classy appeal
for a very economical price.  It is a laminated, medium density fiber
board box that has a felt lined interior as an added benefit.  The
container is bottom loaded with one screw for a flush clean look.  
Included is an engraved tag with your pets name and dates.