Containers, and Urns available
Acrylic Granite Box
Designed for quiet elegance, the Acrylic Granite Box
looks and feels like real polished stone.  Available in all sizes,
this unique container features two decorative metal plates.
One for the pets name and dates, and the other says "Our Beloved Pet."
It is virtually indestructible, and is excellent for burial or display.
Oak or Walnut Burl
Picture Box
Made of the finest selected hardwoods, and finished with
multiple coats of sealers & lacquers, the
Picture Box is the
Ultimate in pet ash containers.  Included is an engraved tag with
your pets name and dates, as well as an attached photo frame.
This Box is Sealed.
Ceramic Cat Urn
Each Ceramic Cat Urn is crafted for superior design and quality.
Perfect for any home of office decor.  Each is handmade, with loving
attention to detail, aware that it will be the resting place of your beloved pet.
A special feature of this urn is your pets name
hand written with gold paint.
The urn is available in black or white, is approximately 8 3/4 inches tall, and
is filled from the bottom and is sealed with a tamper resistant plug.
Blooming Tribute Urn
The Blooming Tribute Urn is a unique way to celebrate the life of your pet.
The Urn is a hand pressed cotton heart containing wildflower petals and
seeds.  A
very small portion of your pet's remains can be placed inside.
When Planted, fragrant flowers will bloom...
A lasting tribute to a special friend.