About Us
About Animal Care Service Inc.
Our Story

In 1981, ACS started operating as a pet cremation service to
help out a couple of our friends who were veterinarians.  At the
time ACS was only a husband and wife team.  Over the next 25
years our reputation spread, and we grew to accommodate the
needs of our clients from one crematory to ten.   

We now employ the whole family to serve our clients with the
same quality, and care we started ACS with.  We believe in the  
personal touch, and handle your pet as we would our own.  We
don't rush the process or our clients,  to insure that the process
is as pain free for our clients as possible.

We've grown to include a variety of designer urns, and can
accommodate pets of any size from Horses to fish.  We operate
EPA approved state of the art equipment run by trained
professionals.  As animal lovers ourselves we believe that your
pet deserves the best service, and that Animal Care is the
company to provide it.      

We have met a lot of nice people over the years that have
trusted us with their pets over, and over again.  Our veterinarians
know that quality, trusted service is a must in such a painful time
for their clients, and that Animal Care Service is the company to
provide that after care.

Thank You for your trust.