Deco Tin
Containers, and Urns available
The Deco Tin Is an attractive and inexpensive container.
Available in all sizes for animals weighing up to 150 lbs.
The tin is personalized with a tag engraved with you pets
name and dates on it's lid.
Designs and colors may vary according to availability.
Ceramic Urn
Our Ceramic Urns are of the Highest Quality.  Perfect for any
home or office decor and displays beautifully.  The urn is a
popular, medium priced container and is available in white or
black.  Names and dates can be hand written in gold colored
paint.  The Urn is available in all sizes.  Each Urn is filled from
the bottom and sealed with a tamper resistant plug in the bottom
out of view.
Brass Urn
The Brass Urn is elegantly styled with a classic beauty
& distinction.  It is highly polished, making it an impressive
container for display.  Name & dates are hand painted on its lid,
which is sealed unless requested otherwise.
Redwood Box
The Redwood Box is handcrafted from California redwood.
This stained & laquered box is sealed from the bottom,
and is available in all sizes.  A special feature of this box
is its two decorative metal plates, One for name & dates,
the other reads "Our Beloved Pet."